So, I was on the computer last night studying the local market and came across this interesting Zillow add on Google. Check this out:

“How much is My Home Worth? Check Your Zestimate- Quickly get a Zestimate of what your home is worth, then find a real estate agent in your area for a more personalized number.”

That my friends, is wise advice. Zillow is admitting, without realizing it (see note below), that they cannot give the best home valuation because they do not have the “ground level” perspective that a local expert has.

When pricing a home …perspective matters: It would be like someone flying over the Grand Canyon from 30 thousand feet claiming they experienced the Grand Canyon. While they did observe the Grand Canyon from a bird’s eye perspective, they did not experience it like the person who hiked in and out and has the sun burn and blisters to prove it.

Zillow does not know the intimate details of your house and the neighborhood you live in. For example, Zillow’s computers don’t know you live next door to Martha Stewart, who knows how to decorate her home and garden like a model home. Compare her home to yours…you still have burnt orange shag carpet that smells like 20 years of dog that smoked cheap cigars (a smoking dog – that’s gotta be worth something) In the end, your house is gonna be worth 20 grand less than Miss Martha’s.

When pricing a home…timing matters: The current housing market in the Coeur d Alene area is experiencing low housing inventory and high demand. Add to that flame, the gasoline of strong financing at low interest rates, and you have a historic seller’s market. Homes that are priced right are getting asking price or more.

According to The Coeur d’Alene Association of Realtors, in it’s March 2017 update, “The real estate market is gaining ground, and looks similar to the way it was about ten years ago, but it’s not exactly the same. What’s the difference between then and now? There isn’t loose lending, new construction in abundance or speculative investing. We do have consumer demand, job growth, controlled lending, low inventory and population growth. So while it may look like it could be a bubble, it lacks the elements to make it volatile.”

As we enter the Spring and Summer months, demand for our homes in the Coeur d’Alene area is expected to get more intense, as it typically does. Higher demand is sure to drive prices higher. If you have been waiting for that perfect time to sell your home…it’s here!

When pricing a home…your Realtor matters: (Shameless plug alert) Bonnie and I are not computers! We are not part-time, and this is not a hobby. We are Realtors who specialize in the Coeur d’Alene housing market. Because of our clients, Bonnie was in the top 20% of agents for sales in the Coeur d’Alene market in 2016.

We have our boots on the ground. In the first three months of 2017, we have been through more than two hundred homes. We have seen the line of cars two and three deep in front of homes waiting to be viewed. We have represented our clients in bidding wars from both sides of the table.We proudly wear the sun burn and blisters we are earning in this housing market.

We ask that you consider us as part of your decision to sell your home. We would love to answer your questions and walk through your home if you’d like (we promise to take our boots off!) We will give you that “personalized” home valuation that Zillow talked about free of charge.

Call or text us at 446-7911 or click the link below to get your free home valuation.

Hope to talk with you soon,

Kory Martinelli

***What Zillow is trying to do with this add is drive you to their website with “Home valuations” in hopes that you will select one of paying Real Estate Agents listed on their site. Zillow is not a home valuation site, it is an advertising platform to sell leads!

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